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In 1847, a dedicated member of Washington Street Methodist Church, Mr. Louis Pou, recognized the need for a Sunday School in his neighborhood. A room in the basement of his home on Assembly Street was made available to teach his and other interested children. The thriving class soon moved to the newly constructed Marion Street Sunday School building.

Soon the need for a church materialized and Marion Street Methodist Church was occupied and dedicated by Bishop William Capers on December 31, 1848. Having lost their church to fire in 1898, the congregation rebuilt the church on Main Street, the current location, voted to name the church Main Street Methodist Church.

In 2021, Main Street United Methodist church celebrated 175 years of joyous service. Just as the congregation has grown in membership, so have the facilities and the missions. Members of this historic church continue to serve Christ from its modern facility located in the center of this thriving city.

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