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In the heart of the city

Do more together in a place you belong.

Welcome to Main Street. Let’s work together to make our community and our world a more just, loving, beautiful place to be.

No matter where you are, we want to worship with you.

When you can’t join us in person for worship, we invite you to worship with us live online, Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

A Place to Grow

You will build relationships and grow in your journey of faith through the ministries at Main Street.

A Place to Serve

Bring your time, talents, and energy to come and make a difference in our community and the world.

A Place to Belong

At Main Street, every person belongs and is embraced in the love of Jesus Christ…just as they are.

Historic tradition meets radical innovation

Main Street is not just a church. We are a group of people dedicated to serving God and those around us in downtown Columbia. Expanding our reach, being the hands and feet of Christ, and spreading faith to those around the world is what we are known for. Join us in our mission.

Upcoming Events

Main Street Church is a dynamic church with special events and discipleship and service opportunities for all ages. Below are our upcoming large events.

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Connect with a Group

Our various ministry opportunities offer a direct route to meeting people in our church. You’re sure to experience new friendships and receive Christian support in your faith.

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Here’s how you can connect at Main St. UMC

We totally understand that a first visit to a church can be a little overwhelming. It usually takes a few visits to fully grasp everything we have to offer. So please come back and join us to learn more, meet more people and discover how our church may fit with your lifestyle and Christian faith.


Office Hours

Monday through Thursday: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.









1830 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29012 (Get Directions)

Support a historic church with a progressive vision of love for downtown Columbia

Your tax-deductible donation will support the ongoing work of Main St. UMC as we seek to make our community and our world a more just, loving, beautiful place to be.

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